Membership Type National Society Dues Local Society Dues
Practitioner $290 CAD (+ HST) $45 - $130 CAD (+ Tax)*
Associate $290 CAD (+ HST) $45 - $130 CAD (+Tax)*
Emerging Professional $155 CAD (+ HST) $45 - $130 CAD (+ Tax)*
Student $ 79 CAD (+ HST) $0 CAD**

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Based on level of experience, prospective members can apply to join CPRS in one of the following categories:

Practitioner – Works full time in public relations or communications management.

Associate – Devotes most of his/her workload to tasks unrelated to practicing or teaching public relations.

Emerging Professional – Has been working full time in public relations for less than two years. 

Student – Enrolled full or part time in a recognized Canadian post-secondary public relations or communications program. Must not be employed in public relations or communications in a paid capacity.

Retired  After retiring from full-time employment, those with more than 10 years of full CPRS membership, who have spent no less than 5 years as Voting members, are invited to apply for this category. 

*Local Society dues are determined by each society individually to account for the cost of administering its programming and services. For a list of available services, contact your Local Society directly.
**Local society dues are included with your National Student membership, however, certain Societies also offer Local Student memberships at reduced rates. Please contact your Local Society directly for pricing and availability. 


Ways to Save

Employer Group Membership (EGM)
The Employer Group Membership (EGM) program allows companies to purchase memberships in bulk, which can then be assigned to and transferred between employees at the company’s discretion. Once enrolled, Group members receive up to 25 per cent off national programs and service fees throughout the year.
Benefit Fee

5 - 9 members
(10 % savings)

10 - 14 members 
(15 % savings)

15 - 19 members
(20 % savings)

20+ members
(25 % savings)
Base membership fee* $290        
Initiation or reinstatement fee $50 Waived Waived Waived Waived
Awards submissions $295 $265.50 $250.75 $236 $221.25
Early bird conference registration $1,525 $1,332.50 $1,296.25 $1,220 $1,143.75
Job postings** $395 $355.50 $335.75 $316 $296.25
PRK® Registration and Readiness program $250 $225 $212.50 $200 $187.50
Public Relations Strategies and Tactics subscription** $97.50 $87.75 $82.87 $78 $73.12
APR® applications $495 $445.50 $420.75 $396 $371.25
* Local society fee additional
**Member-only rate
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To apply for the EGM program, contact the National Office

Member Referral Program

In recognition of your contribution to the growth and stability of the Society, you’ll receive a credit for up to eight new members, at either the Practitioner* or Emerging Professional** level, who join based on your referral. These credits can be applied to any national program, including Accreditation, Awards of Excellence, Conference registration, or membership fees. To receive this credit, new members must indicate your referral on their application form.

*Practitioner credit - $100 
**Emerging Professional credit - $50
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Renewal Payment Plan Option

For your convenience, CPRS offers existing members the option of paying for their dues in three separate payments, which are to be paid over the first three months following their renewal.
Contact the National Office for details on renewing under the Payment Plan.