Enregistrements et présentations de la conférence Cultiver 2021


Workshop 1:

How Are You Measuring Up? The Global Capabilities Framework and PR Practice
Amy Thurlow and Anne Gregory

Workshop 2:
Communicating with Indigenous People Through a Dual Lens
Sarah Thomas and Deneka Michaud

Workshop 3:
Virtual Presentation Skills and Communication
Adam Lazarus


Workshop 1:

The role of strategic communications in successfully managing large-scale change: A case study of a health information system (HIS) implementation in NE Ontario
Christina Marshall and Kim McElroy

Plenary Session:
So…how are you really doing?
Understanding our stress responses and learning how to build resiliency in a chaotic world

Maryam Zeineddin


Powerpoint #1

Powerpoint #2 

Powerpoint #3


Workshop 1:

Cultivating Inclusion and Accessibility:
How to Include and Communicate with Accessibility in Mind

Gent Ng & Jamie Millar-Dixon
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Workshop 2:
Innovation by Design: A new approach to the new normal driven by design thinking
Brie Thorsteinson-Ogle

Plenary Session:
DE&I in PR and real life: Beyond checked boxes and optics
Analisa Allen, Matthew Celestial & Celina Caesar-Chavannes; Moderated by Jenny Shin



Winnipeg 2022 CPRS Conference Introduction

Workshop 1:
Breaking Through the Noise
Kevin Parent (Ottawa Public Health)

Workshop 2:
The Forgotten Mid-Level:
How to Successfully Mentor and Coach in an Inclusive Workplace

Rohini Mukherji

Workshop 3:
Why Your Organization Needs to Pay Attention to TikTok
Kaisa Pärna and Joël Cain

Recovery Communications in a World of Crises

Kjell Brataas - click here for presentation
Amanda Coleman - click here for presentation

Major & Special Awards 2021