The Power of Magnetism: How to Create Profound Connections between an Organization and its Tribe

WPRF Session

juillet 26, 2016
Archived Keynotes / Workshops
Less than 1 hour
Appropriate for all


This topic was previously presented by Hugh MacPhie at the 2016 World Public Relations Forum, in Toronto, ON, as part of its three-day program focused on the value and importance of Communication Across Cultures.

Organizations and brands naturally attract - or repel - the people who matter to them most. In this insightful and engaging presentation, Hugh shares his theory of Magnetism, which explores this attraction and offers specific steps to make your organization or brand more “magnetic” to your tribe. Sharing his experiences, stories and research learning, Hugh shares a new way of thinking that challenges us to re-think how we learn about key audiences, manage brands, and align activities.

Important questions Hugh encourages us to ask include:

  • What are your tribe’s values and aspirational personal identity?
  • In the minds of people within your tribe, how is your organization helping to change the world?
  • How do you help your tribe members get closer to their aspirational selves through communion with your organization, product or service?
This includes:
  • How do you build a passionate culture that instills a profound belief in the way you are changing the world?
  • What systems and processes build discipline across your organization?


Hugh MacPhie (Principal, MacPhie)