Webinar - Case Study on Meaningfully Including Patient Voices

octobre 02, 2018 to octobre 02, 2018

Description de L'évenement

WEBINAR: A case study on meaningfully including patient voices 
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer’s (CPAC) Person-Centred Perspective series
The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) is a federally funded, not-for-profit organization working to accelerate action on cancer control in Canada. In 2017 and 2018, the Partnership developed and released three reports in the Person-Centred Perspective series. The reports focused on: the unique experiences of adolescents and young adults with cancer; the delivery of palliative and end-of-life care for cancer patients; and the physical, emotional, and practical challenges people with cancer face at different stages of the disease.
You will learn:
 How the Partnership and Edelman PR developed external communication campaigns for the three reports to deliver report findings and calls to action to key audiences.
  • How the team used various channels to raise awareness and influence behavioural changes in patients and health care providers.
  • How the campaign used timely health awareness initiatives and patient voices in all communications tactics to leverage the report and successfully attract interest from media from coast to coast.
The communications campaign supporting the release of the three-part Person-Centred Perspective report series was the recipient of a CPRS National Silver Award of Excellence for Canadian Health Campaign of the Year as well as an IABC Toronto Ovation Award of Merit for Media Relations.